Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bandit's Roadhouse Sunday

The other sunday we took a most excellent ride up to Bandit's Roadhouse out in Berwick. Her are some of the highlights!!!!!!!
Most Excellent primer hotrod station wagon!!!

Yes thats right it has a cowl hood scoop!!!!

MMMMMM she was a hottie behind the counter at the COCOA HUTT!!!

I thought she was wearing Billy Bob teeth! But they were really her own teeth!!!

Getting gas in some god forsaken town, somewhere!!!

Yes its the COCA HUT!!!!

Bikes all over at Bandits! It really a cool place!

Ann looks full!!! Dave looks fat and happy!!!

Dave is that a 10 gallon hat??? Wait i cant tell which one of them is dave!!!! IS he the one all the way on the left???

Erika finally got her boobies!!!! YAY!!! Wait is that Dave on the left???

WOW!!!! Thats all I have to say!!!

American Iron Horse Paint Repair

Large bubble where gas lifted the paint up!

Taped up and ready to rebase and recandy

All finished and ready to install

Fade from candy yellow to candy orange

I also had to fix the candy brandywine on the rear fender.

All ready to bolt back on bike! What a bitch job matching the colors on this one!!!

1955 Hollywood Green Panhead Sheet Metal

Yes thats a factory 1955 Harley Davidson special order color! Color matched tool box,oil tank,battery hold down,outter primary,tail light and dash.